A:A person is considered "thoughtful" when he/she shows consideration for the needs of other people or shows care or sympathy for others.
A:Say a frikết thúc notices you are upmix và tries lớn cheer you up by getting you drinks. You would say he/she is thoughtful for caring about you. Another example, if an obstacle is blocking the road and someone pulls over to lớn remove sầu it, you would say he/she is thoughtful for doing so. Its a way of implying that someone is considerate và think of others.

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A:it means "that"s kind/nice." You took time to lớn think about what the other person would lượt thích - you thought about them và then did something nice.Thank you for bringing me flowers when I was in the hospital. That was very thoughtful of you.

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A:“Wow, you got me a gift? That’s very thoughtful of you.”“He’s very thoughtful. He knew I was feeling a little down, so he told silly jokes to make me smile.”
A:That was really thoughtful of you I don’t know how I can ever repay you! My friover brought me some flowers today because I was sichồng that was so thoughtful of them!
A:1. That man bought me my favorite food, he"s so thoughtful.2. Please be thoughtful of others.3. Thoughtful people keep others in mind.

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A:Thoughtful means you are being considerate towards someone.Ex. 1. My sister made me breakfast & that was very thoughtful of her.2. The man held the door for the children. He is very thoughtful.
A: yes, quite natural, but quite a high level of language. Someone of simpler education probably wouldn’t use the word, but someone who read a lot and/or had a good education would.
A:In addition to lớn agreeing with people saying "thoughtful" is more comtháng, this word is also used to mean "considerate of others."If I heard someone say, "Tom is very thoughtful." I would assume this meant that Tom was a person who cared about how his actions affected others. He"s considerate. This, I believe, is the most common use for "thoughtful" & why it is more comtháng in normal usage.If I truly meant lớn say something like, "Tom is a deep thinker, so it doesn"t surprise me he want"s khổng lồ be a philosophy teacher." then I probably would use "pensive" or "deep thinker." It"s just that this usage doesn"t come up much in normal conversation.
A:compassionate=someone who openly cares for other peoples feelingsthoughtful=when you vì chưng something kind for someone else even though you don"t have sầu toexample:A: I"m having a lot of problems. B: I underst&, here"s some advice(person B would be considered as compassionate)A: Hello.B: Hi. I heard you weren"t feeling very well, so I bought you this drink.A: Oh, thank you, you"re so thoughtful(person B is considered as thoughtful) hope this helps